Consulate General of Sénégal


The Company

The Consulate General of the Republic of Senegal has been serving the Senegalese Diaspora in the United States for nearly twenty years.
In addition to its primary vocation of issuing administrative documents, the Consulate advocates a close relationship with the community in order to better address their concerns and provide them with the appropriate responses and protection.
The Consulate also promotes business opportunities in Senegal through sustained bilateral cooperation with the United States of America.

The Service : Booking systems and Graphic design

The Consulate General of Senegal in NY has established to modernize its processes and operations in order to provide a better service to the Senegalese community. One of the first phases was to optimize the consulate’s image with the following actions:

  • A modern website where the community can get information related to consular services
  • Set up a booking system for consular services to reduce waiting time at the consulate
  • Set up professional emails and and secure workspace to share documents
  • Propose a set of attractive business cards
  • A Signage for the front door
Front Door Signage
Business Card with Qr Code

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